Forty five years ago Robin had just graduated from high school and I had just completed a spring term at Auburn. It was a Saturday, but not just any Saturday. I washed and cleaned up Daddy’s 1969 Pontiac that morning and went to get a haircut early in the afternoon. The photographer was expected to be at Mama and Daddy’s house at 4:00 or 4:30; so I had to be dressed and ready by that time. I didn’t have much to do between getting a haircut and waiting for the photographer to arrive.

Robin, on the other hand, had an extremely busy day. Our florist had booked another wedding the same day as ours so Robin actually had to make flower arrangements and boutonnieres during the day and be dressed and ready for the photographer after he finished at our house. I had nothing to do but think about the wedding; Robin didn’t have time to think about it at all. I think we were both wrecks by the 6:30 start time.

But the wedding was great; nobody passed out, there were no unusual events. Just two kids exchanging vows and planning to live happily ever after. And we have; well, not everything has been happiness. We’ve had our share of hard times; a couple of times that I wondered if we would make it through and still be husband and wife. The odds were not in our favor because of our age (20 and 18) and inexperience. I had not learned how to communicate well (I’m still learning) and we brought some baggage into our relationship as everyone does.

About 10 years ago I had a Christmas present video made for Robin with a dozen or so of our favorite songs and pictures and videos that looked back over our time together. It gave me a great opportunity to look through old photos and videos and reflect on our years together. In the video I recorded a message to her wishing her a Merry Christmas and I told her that my intent was to review our life together and capture the good times and the “not so good times”. But what I discovered along the way was there just weren’t that many “not so good times” and even when there were we had always found a way to work through the difficulties; and that having survived those times had made us even stronger and closer.

wedding day



Steve's iPhone SE 134



Robin, when we were first learning to express our love for each other I told you with a song that “You’re the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me”; it was true then and just as true today. I told you forty five years ago that I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side and that is still true today also. Thank you for forty-five indescribable years and for the ones still ahead. As long as you are with me I know the future years will be even better than the past. I love you; HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


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