In 1979 Pink Floyd released a song called “Another Brick in the Wall” and it actually hit number one on the charts. I always thought the song was a little strange and made no sense. I went for a bike ride yesterday, set my iPod on shuffle and wouldn’t you know it, the song came up on the playlist. Still curious about the song’s meaning I looked it up this morning and here’s the answer (I don’t really have a source to give; I just googled “the meaning of..”)

“The wall refers to the emotional barrier Waters built around himself because he wasn’t in touch with reality. The bricks in the wall were the events in his life which propelled him to build this proverbial wall around him, and his school teacher was another brick in the wall.”

That helps explain the song, but it isn’t exactly what I thought about when I heard it. I actually thought it is an analogy of our lives. If we compare our life’s purpose to building a brick wall then we add another brick to the wall each day; or if we consider events in our lives to be bricks, we could add several bricks in a day. And the wall is what we produce or leave behind after our lifetime of laying bricks.

We are each building a wall unique to us; we have been given a plan for the wall and we may have served an apprenticeship of sorts if we have had great mentors. I’ve had several superb mentors but my wall is riddled with mistakes and events that have resulted in major flaws. We have a finite time period to complete our wall, we just don’t know how long that is. That point was driven into my thoughts this weekend as we hit the two year mark of Carter’s death, and the tragic automobile accident that claimed the lives of Rod Bramblett and his wife. Rod was the radio voice of the Auburn Tigers athletic events for many years and was only 53; his wife Paula was 52. And of course Carter was a little over three months.

Laying bricks is hard work and requires training and skill. One doesn’t just decide he wants to be a brick mason and goes to work the next day laying bricks. Building a worthwhile wall with our lives is hard work as well and we must train continuously to improve our skills.

Best wishes to you today as you continue to build your wall.

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