It’s true that Carter has been gone for two years (May 25), but his influence and impact are still at work (in my life anyway). I’m sure this is true for others in our family but I can only speak for me. Here are some ways Carter is still at work in my life:
1.   I focus more on gratitude. I try to be thankful for every day that I’m given because tomorrow may never come. I’m also thankful for my family and I try to let them know that more often than I did prior to Carter’s death.
2.  I attempt to avoid procrastination. Some may disagree with this, but I try to avoid procrastination for things that I deem important. Things that others may think are important, are not necessarily so for me, and I do tend to still procrastinate doing anything about those types of issues. For instance, writing is important to me; I may have nothing to say that is important to anyone else but it is still a high priority for me and I try to write something routinely without skipping many days.
3.   I worry and fret less. I’m learning to accept the fact that there are many things in my life that are beyond my control. I have no influence on most of what happens in my life, and if I can’t control or influence those things I’m learning to accept that and live with it. I may not like it and I may gripe about it, but I am trying to eliminate those behaviors from my life. I’ve asserted that “life is too short to drink bad coffee”; but really life is too short to spend time worrying and fretting over anything.
4.   I’m trying to spend more time learning and understanding how God wants me to live and what He wants me to accomplish with my life. This is an ongoing process and won’t be finished until I die. There are still far too many times that I try to force my opinion and execute my plan; but I’m working on it.

I am so thankful for the Little Man who helped open my eyes in the short time he was with us.




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