Since I’ve written previously about Grandma Gilbreath (Mary Jane) I will go to her next to describe what she taught me. To read more about Grandma see “Gilbreath Lineage” posted Mar 28, 2018.


Things I remember about Grandma include: she was quiet, calm, and peaceful. I would have to ask Daddy about her as a younger woman, but anytime I was around her (the exception being when my grandmother died) she seemed at peace regardless of what was happening around her. We went to her house on Christmas Day when I was young and as noted in “Gilbreath Lineage” this was a LARGE family so there was always a lot of chaos with lunch being prepared and kids running everywhere. Gary and I had plenty of cousins there to play with and shoot fireworks in the yard adding to all of the uproar. But I don’t ever remember seeing any of that changing Grandma’s calm and peaceful demeanor. She taught me that you can keep your wits when all around you are losing theirs.

At one time our oldest daughter had ten living grandparents and we wanted to get a picture of that. So we all went to Grandma’s one day to capture the moment below.

Scan0119 (2)

Left to right seated/kneeling: Grandma holding Katie, Mama, and Nell (Robin’s mother)
Standing: Flora and Clarence Walker (Robin’s grandparents), Mama Jessie, Papa, Daddy, Big Daddy (my grandfather) and Odist (Robin’s father)

I believe it was the same day Robin and I were talking to Grandma and she was telling us how old some her children were when they cut their first tooth! She had nine children; I just hope I can remember my kids’ names when I’m that age! I certainly don’t even know today how old they were when they cut their first tooth.

Scan0120 (2)

Grandma with Katie

Grandma, in spite of her demeanor had what I consider to be a hard life with many tragedies. She lost two infant children; she lost her husband; and then lost two grown children. I remember how upset she was when my grandmother died; when you are in your nineties you don’t expect to attend your 69 year old daughter’s funeral. In fact, no one expects to attend their child’s funeral as we have so painfully learned over the past eighteen months.

Grandma, like all of my family line, was a Godly woman and she consistently lived that example before our eyes.

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