We have managed to get our Christmas tree up and decorated for this year.  In fact, all of the decorations that we are using this year are on display but we have scaled that down from years past.  Once again, the white angel sits silently atop our tree with small lights in each hand looking out over our den and other parts of the house.  I wish she could talk; I’d like to know from her vantage point what she sees on a daily basis in our house.

For instance, does she see love?  Does she see the two of us who are regularly in this house showing love for each other?  Does she see the two of us showing love for visitors in our house?

Does she see people who are “real” and not pretending to be something or someone that we are not?  Has she over the many years she has sat in our house seen consistency in our actions and our language?  A line from The Eagles hit “Take it to the Limit” said “you can spend all your time making money; you can spend all your love making time…”  Has she seen us focus too much on “making money” instead of “making time”?

Has she seen us as good role models for our children or bad examples of what we shouldn’t be or do?  For we are all examples; one way or the other.  What has she observed in our children’s response to how we parented them?  Has she seen dust-covered Bibles or ones with the covers worn from use?  The many many Christmas celebrations we have had just a few feet below her lofty perch- how have we celebrated?  What has been our focus?  She, like Mary “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”  But she has not shared any of her thoughts.

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