Several years ago I heard part of a sermon that really stayed in my mind. I didn’t know who the preacher was and I don’t even remember where I first heard it. But off-and-on since that time I’ve tried to find it with no luck- until yesterday! The preacher was S.M. Lockridge, who pastored the Calvary Baptist Church, a prominent primarily African American church in San Diego, from 1953-1993. Although Wikipedia says Lockridge was known for his preaching it also says the following:

“Lockridge’s best-known message is “That’s my King!” notably the six and a half minute description of Jesus Christ contained at the end of the hour-long sermon (the popular title comes from Lockridge’s repeated refrain).”

It stuck in my mind because he talks for six minutes or so describing Jesus before he says “I just wish I could describe Him to you.” Then he starts again with his description. Below is a link to a Youtube audio playback of this now famous sermon (just the almost seven minute description of Jesus). I hope it sticks in your mind like it did mine and if it does, at least you know who it is and how to listen to it again.  Just click the following link:

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